All Inclusive Destination Wedding Packages For The Wealthy

all inclusive destination wedding packagesWealthy people often avail of all inclusive destination wedding packages.  That is not surprising as their time is much more valuable than the added cost of having professional wedding planners help with the preparations for their big day.  Their favorite venue is in one of the many Caribbean islands.  Often they would arrange for all inclusive destination wedding packages in a private isle.  Organizations such as the Caribbean Wedding Association are great sources of additional information.

Here are two wonderful places where you can arrange an all inclusive destination wedding package in a private isle:

  1. Couples Resorts Tower Isle

At this resort you can have your dream Caribbean wedding and the reception in the privacy of your own island.  The island is equipped to handle the wedding and the subsequent reception.  The package allows up to 40 guests to enjoy a fully stocked open bar with hot and cold hors d’oeuvres for an hour, an hour of private Mento Band music, and a two-tiered wedding cake.  The services of an onsite wedding planner and the person who will officiate the wedding are also included, as is a wedding registry.  The gazebo will be decorated with your choice of tropical flowers; the bride will have a bouquet and the groom a boutonniere.

The island wedding and the reception will be covered by a 2 hour photo shoot, which will produce a complimentary personalized wedding album, 5 x 7 photo prints 24 in number, and CD containing all purchased images.

The couple will enjoy a 25-minute massage, a private dinner on the beach, a breakfast in bed service, and two champagne flutes.  A marriage certificate and a celebratory t-shirt for both bride and groom are provided for free.  This starts at a price of $4,750 plus additional charges for each guest.  The package can also be customized at extra cost.

  1. Sandals Royal Caribbean

This resort combines British heritage with island culture and Georgian architecture.  In addition, this it is actually two resorts in one.  The main resort has all the usual luxurious appointments and a private island just off the shore is available for truly luxurious dream wedding celebrations.  To make it a truly all inclusive wedding package, couples can choose to have their honeymoon at the same resort to avail of a lot of valuable services.

Wedding + honeymoon packages include the services of a pre wedding planner and an onsite wedding planning team; a complimentary wedding website and gift registry is set up.  Before the wedding the groom can avail of a 35 minute massage, and the bride can have a free manicure.  Wedding venue, chiavari chairs, preparation of wedding documents, witnesses (if required), and pre-recorded music are provided.

The couple and up to 6 guests will be treated to a 30-minute reception where sparkling wine and clod hors d’oeuvres will be served.  The newlyweds will enjoy a specially decorated honeymoon room, a wedding gift from Sandals, Mimosa breakfast in bed service at any morning of choice, honeymoon dinner at a specialty restaurant with a bottle of sparkling wine, and a complimentary 5” x 7” honeymoon photo.  Prices are not given and will depend on number of guests, choice of rooms, etc. But if you are single, you can have a great Caribbean holiday with amazing Toronto escorts.

If price is no object, these two island destination wedding packages are hard to beat.