Mindshark Marketing Explains Why You Need a Social Media Presence

social-media1The most powerful element you can equip your business with is a strong social media presence. In the world we now transact, there is an undying desire for people to share their experiences and communicate all the time on social media sites. Your business can get it’s way into plenty of new clients’ hearts by adopting Mindshark Marketing’s social media optimization and management services. Never in the history of the internet has there been a connectivity rate such as we are experiencing today.

Reasons why your business will perform noticeably better with a huge follower figure online are not too hard to observe. For one, Mindshark Marketing noticed that their clients’ followers were like repeaters of the services posted online. People in the same circle envy each other a lot, if your friend buys the new Mercedes and posts it on their social media, chances are high that friends will want a Benz in the near future. Applying this proven correlation to the followers of a business, usually in the thousands, builds envy around the business and increases brand awareness to new clients.

The customers using search engines today have a keen awareness of the difference between organic results and those appearing on results pages because companies have paid Google. This means less effort should be placed into sponsoring ads on search engines and look to reach more on social media. Social media also presents an honest pool of feedback for your services, unlike listing on results pages.

Targeting has always proven more effective method of direct marketing. Your previous efforts once spread over a lot of potential clients who are less likely to buy will not be wasted again. Mindshark Marketing is capable of narrowing down on people depending on their activity, giving you better results all the time.


The fact that social media presents a human side of any business makes it a powerful tool to get closer to the people that use their products and services. Mindshark Marketing has been known to run their clients’ social media profiles to provide customers with services assistance. The confidence boost this adds to customers shows in better sales and even sharing of their experience with new customers. Faces shown on the customer profiles and their ability to relate to the person serving them goes beyond any other method. Phone calls would have the same effect if used with video but their cost compared to social media makes them impractical.

Mindshark Marketing also observed that the social media efforts that have been invested in clients of late have proven more profitable than any empirical method of reaching out to current and potential clients. Due to this, clients spend almost a fifth of what they would otherwise be expected to, all the while getting double the results. Your business would be better off spending less money on ads and focusing on efforts that allow them to target people who have told social media sites what they like already.